Bowdoin-Colby Energy Dorm Competition


In 2015, Bowdoin and Colby teammed up to create the first annual Bowdoin v. Colby Energy Dorm Competition. Similar to the campus-wide Energy Competition which Bowdoin has competed in every October since 2001, this competition focuses on decreasing energy use in residence halls on campus and directly competing with our rival, the Colby Mules.

This competition tracks the energy use of 21 Bowdoin dorms and 21 Colby dorms to see which school is able to reduce their energy consumption the most over the 3 week competition period. The competition began on Monday, March 30th and finished on April 22nd, which is Earth Day.

In addition to the pride that comes from beating Colby, and the personal reward of conserving electricity, the Bowdoin residence hall that reduced their energy the most, Howell House, won $150!


The two schools combined to savea total of 22,536 kWh during the competition and Colby reduced consumption 7% below their baseline data and Bowdoin 8.7% below their baseline data.  Visit Bowdoin’s Building Dashboard page and click on "Competitons" to see the full results!

Check out our Energy conservation page for ideas on how you can conserve energy every day.

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