Informational Mailings

The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs will mail two informational packets to you over the course of the summer. Inside you will find a number of forms that you will need to return and information from various offices on campus that will help in your transition to Bowdoin.  As a transfer student you may find information and forms here that were not included in your mailing.  Many of these can help you to navigate your transition to Bowdoin and provide more information about our Orientation program should you choose to participate.  Please note that only mailings with a *** denotation are expected to be completed and returned.

May Packet:

  • Cover Letter - Transfer Students (pdf) 06/17/09
  • Personal Photograph Sheet (pdf) *** 06/17/09
  • Academic Advising Questionnaire (pdf) *** 06/17/09
  • Checklist of items to return to Bowdoin (pdf) 06/17/09
  • Parent Info Form (pdf) *** 06/17/09
  • Release Form for Communications & Public Affairs (pdf) *** 06/17/09
  • What to Expect  (pdf) 06/17/09
  • New Student Housing Form (pdf) *** 06/17/09
  • Religious Preference Card (pdf) *** 06/17/09
  • Department of Music Letter (pdf) 06/17/09
  • Self Identification and Request for Accommodations Form (pdf) 06/17/09
  • Pre-Orientation Trips and Registration Form (pdf) 06/17/09
  • Outing Club Medical Waiver (pdf) 06/17/09
  • Introduction to Bowdoin's Online Billing & Payment System (pdf) 06/17/09
  • Bowdoin College One-Card Information (pdf) 06/17/09
  • 2009-2010 Academic Calendar (pdf) 06/17/09
  • Dudley Coe Health Center and Medical Forms (pdf) *** 06/17/09

July Packet:
The second information packet will be mailed by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs in early July.  Again, you may find items on this list that were not mailed to you but can still be helpful in your transition to Bowdoin.  Please check this website periodically as information will be posted throughout the summer.

  • Cover Letter - Class of 2013 & Transfer Students (pdf) 07/01/09
  • Plagiarism Tutorial Letter from Dean Lee(pdf) *** 06/30/09
  • Welcome from the Chemistry Department (pdf) 06/18/09
  • Welcome from the German Department (pdf) 06/30/09
  • Welcome from the French Department (pdf) 06/30/09
  • Welcome from the Russian Department (pdf) 06/30/09
  • Welcome from the Biology Department (pdf) 07/21/09
  • Sustainable Bowdoin/Microfridge Info (pdf)   06/30/09
  • Working at Bowdoin (pdf)   06/30/09
  • Designing your Bowdoin Education (pdf)***  06/30/09
  • Guide to your Bowdoin Education (pdf)   06/30/09
  • Library Welcome Letter 07/01/09
  • Course Offerings 07/01/09