Location: Bowdoin / Office of the Dean of Students / Transfer Student Resources

Transfer and Exchange Students Welcome

Dear Transfer/Exchange Student:

Congratulations! In a few short months, you will begin your experience at Bowdoin. It is our hope that the contents of this website will help answer questions and address concerns you may have. When you arrive on campus, there will be many people here at Bowdoin to greet you and upon whom you can rely for guidance and support from the outset and throughout your Bowdoin experience. These range from your residence hall RA, your Dean, the staffs of the Counseling Service, Health Center, and other members of the faculty and administration.

Meanwhile, we would encourage you to browse this website along with our Orientation website so that you can learn more about what to expect as a transfer student. We would like to point out that some of the information on the Orientation website is not mandatory for Transfer and Exchange students. That said, you certainly have the option of participating in whichever parts of Orientation you choose such as a Pre-Orientation trips. Although you will not be a first-year student at Bowdoin, the Orientation website may be useful for you as a new student on Bowdoin’s campus. If you have any questions prior to your arrival at Bowdoin please call the Orientation Office at 207-798-7024, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Kim Pacelli, Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Christopher Dennis, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs