Student Research Involving the Use of Human Subjects, Animal Subjects or Hazardous Materials Policy

All student research involving work with human and animal subjects, and any studies involving potentially hazardous materials or procedures carried out under the auspices of Bowdoin College or on Bowdoin College property, must be undertaken under the supervision of a Bowdoin College faculty member.  In addition, research projects may require additional approvals and training.  Approvals and trainings must be completed prior to the start of work in the lab/in the field/abroad.

Supervision and trainings may be required even when the study is not carried out as a formal independent study or honors research project.  For trainings specific to your project, contact your faculty supervisor. Please see the list below as reference.

List of trainers:

The faculty member is responsible for ensuring that the study follows Bowdoin College policies and federal regulations for:

Students in violation of these policies are subject to disciplinary action.