Solicitation on Campus

Bowdoin College discourages aggressive solicitation of students, faculty, and staff on campus. These activities often disrupt campus routine, offend segments of the College community, and imply endorsement by the College of particular products, ideas, or positions.

The College or recognized student groups occasionally invite vendors to fulfill particular campus objectives. The Director of Student Activities and the David Saul Smith Union must provide written approval to such vendors to grant exceptions to solicitation policies. Student groups must guarantee the availability of the products that their sponsored vendors sell. These sales must be cleared in writing in advance with the Director of Student Activities, and when an athletic team is involved, with the Director of Athletics. No outside organization may proselytize, distribute, or sell products without direct sponsorship of a student organization recognized by the Bowdoin Student Government or an administrative office. Direct sponsorship means that the student organization or administrative office has initiated the contact with the group, has agreed to represent the group on campus, and agrees to submit the application to the Office of Student Activities for approval under the sponsoring organization’s name. The College organization will be accountable for the actions on campus of the group it sponsors. Student organizations may not invite commercial enterprises to sell their products on campus in return for a share in the profits from those sales. All printed materials (posters, banners, fliers, etc.) bearing corporate logos or insignias must be approved in advance by the Director of Student Activities and the David Saul Smith Union, and when an athletic teams is involved, materials must be approved by the Director of Athletics.