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National Fellowships Requiring Institutional Endorsement

The scholarships and fellowship listed below require that Bowdoin endorse the student's application as part of the application process; therefore institutional pre-screening is required for all these opportunities.  To ensure that you are aware of all your fellowships options, you are also encouraged to review the list of direct apply fellowships (i.e., meaning no institutional involvment is required) at Direct Apply Fellowships: Undergraduate and Direct Apply Fellowships: Postgraduate.

Who can Apply? Fellowship Description
Soph Jr Sr Alum    
      Beinecke Scholarship Graduate study in the arts, humanities and social sciences
    Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellowship One year full-time position as a research assistant in international affairs, globalization, nonproliferation and security affairs
        √     √ Churchill Scholarship Graduate study in engineering, mathematics, and the sciences at Cambridge University in Britain

    √     √ Cooke Scholarship Graduate study in fine/peforming arts
    Fulbright Grants for English Teaching Assistantships
A year abroad teaching English
    Fulbright Grants for Study/Research
A year abroad engaged in study/research
     Goldwater Scholarship
Undergraduate scholarship support for students in mathematics, science and engineering
       Keasbey Scholarship* Graduate study in Great Britain related to undergraduate studies
     Marshall Scholarship
Two years of graduate study in Great Britain 
     Mitchell Scholarship One year of graduate study in Ireland in any field
     Rhodes Scholarship
Two to three years of graduate study at Oxford University 

 St. Andrew's Society Scholarship Graduate study at a Scottish University
       Truman Scholarship
Graduate study to prepare for a career in government or public service 
     Udall Undergraduate Scholarship
Undergraduate scholarship support for students with a demonstrated commitment to the environment, or to Native Americans and Alaskan Native students with a demonstrated commitment to tribal public policy and Native health care 
       Watson Fellowship
One year of independent travel and study outside of the US 

* Bowdoin students are eligible to apply for a Keasbey Scholarship once every three years.  The next eligible cycle will be 2015-16.