Office of Special Academic Programs

A Guide to Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Online Forms

In order to become and remain eligible for MMUF program benefits, fellows must complete two online forms, the Profile Form and the Annual Update Form. Both forms can be submitted via the MMUF web survey at (Although paper versions of the forms are available, we strongly encourage fellows to submit their forms online, as online submissions provide simultaneous automatic notification for MMUF coordinators and, when relevant, MMUF’s partner institutions.)

About the Forms

The Profile Form

  • Must be completed only once, upon a fellow’s entry into the program.
  • Questions cover fellows’ academic and family backgrounds, data on race, ethnicity and gender, extracurricular activities, standardized test scores, and information on financial aid. Thus, the data collected by the Profile Form is largely historical and fixed.
  • The Profile Form should be submitted within two weeks of a new fellow’s entry into the program.

The Annual Update Form

  • Must be completed once per academic year for each subsequent year fellows remain in the program in order for them to remain eligible for program benefits.
  • For the Mellon Foundation’s purposes, academic years begin September 1 and end August 31st of the following year.
  • Unlike the Profile Form, the Annual Update Form is dynamic, reflecting changes in fellows’ status as they progress through the program. Since it is submitted directly to us by fellows, the Annual Update Form is the Foundation’s single most important source of information (particularly after fellows leave their undergraduate institutions) about what our fellows are doing and where they can be contacted. Without this information, we may not be able to communicate critical information about program benefits and events to eligible fellows, nor to assist in program networking by making fellows and coordinators aware of transitions in the MMUF community that may be of interest to them.

How the Online Submission Process Works

Welcome email and Profile Form submission for new fellows

  • When new fellows are selected, the MMUF coordinator at their institution must provide the Mellon Foundation with their names and email addresses. Please email this information to Liz Foley, MMUF Program Associate, at
  • Email addresses are critical, as most communication between the Foundation, its partner institutions and Mellon fellows will be done electronically. Please encourage your fellows to provide email addresses that correspond to active accounts that they will check frequently. Email accounts that will remain valid as fellows transition from one stage of the program to the next and are not contingent upon enrollment at a particular institution are particularly helpful to us, as they make it easier for us to stay in contact with fellows following their undergraduate years.
  • Once received, new fellows’ names and email addresses are entered into MMUF’s database. The entry process generates an automatic email that welcomes fellows to the program and includes instructions and a temporary username and password for the MMUF web survey ( (After logging in, fellows are asked to personalize their login information for future visits.)
  • Once a fellow completes the Profile Form, he or she becomes an officially recognized member of the MMUF program and becomes eligible for program benefits. Until the Profile Form is submitted, fellows are not eligible for benefits.

Annual Update Form submission for returning fellows

  • Each subsequent year fellows are in the program, they must submit the Annual Update Form to maintain their eligibility for program benefits and to ensure that the Mellon Foundation is aware of changes in their contact information or status.
  • Email reminders to complete the annual update form are sent by MMUF to fellows at staggered times throughout the academic year, according to their program status. However, an annual update can be submitted at any time of the year by fellows of any status. Fellows may also submit the form more than once during the year if they need to update any of their information.
  • Fellows will receive first, second and third email reminders (sent about two weeks apart) to submit their forms.
  • The Profile Form must first be submitted before the Annual Update can be submitted. Therefore, any fellows with outstanding Profile Forms who log in to the MMUF web survey in an attempt to complete the Annual Update Form will be directed first to the Profile Form.

Receiving Notification When Fellows Submit Their Forms

  • When a fellow submits a form online (either the Profile Form or the Annual Update Form), the Mellon Foundation receives an automatic email in a designated inbox that contains a digest of the most vital information from the form. We call these emails "short forms."
  • Coordinators are blind-cc’ed on any form submitted by any of their institution’s fellows (at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels) and will receive an electronic copy of the same "short form" that the Foundation receives. Therefore, coordinators will be notified simultaneously with the Foundation of changes in their fellows’ contact information or status.
  • If the appropriate person or people at your institution are not receiving copies of fellows’ short forms, please contact Liz Foley at to ensure that the Foundation has correct email addresses for the intended recipients of the forms, or to add additional recipients.
  • The Social Science Research Council and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, which administer the MMUF program’s grants, summer conferences and other graduate and postdoctoral benefits, are likewise cc’ed on any Annual Update Form submitted by fellows who are enrolled in PhD programs or who have completed PhDs, so that these partner institutions will have current contact information for the fellows who are eligible for these benefits. Fellows who are eligible for benefits, but do not submit Annual Update Forms, risk not being notified of these benefits in a timely manner.
  • The MMUF program makes every effort to ensure that our welcome emails and email reminders will be recognized as legitimate by all email networks. However, as anti-spam blockers have become more stringent, we have occasionally heard from fellows that MMUF emails have not reached them. Therefore, we make regular efforts to follow up with fellows and coordinators regarding outstanding forms, and are happy to resend our emails to alternate email addresses if necessary. We would greatly appreciate coordinators making similar efforts to keep track of their undergraduate fellows’ form submissions and reminding fellows with outstanding forms to submit them.

Troubleshooting: Common Problems Fellows May Encounter

  • If any of your newly selected fellows do not receive their welcome emails, which contain login information and instructions for completing their Profile Forms, please contact Liz Foley, MMUF Program Associate, at to have their login information sent to them.
  • The MMUF web survey provides an automatic password reset feature for fellows who provide two key pieces of identifying information. Any fellows who are not able to retrieve their passwords automatically may contact the Foundation directly for a password reset. Please email Liz Foley at for assistance.
  • Fellows may save information to a form, exit the form and return later to submit it. However, the database will not designate a form as submitted until the "Submit" button at the end of the form is clicked. If the Foundation has contacted you about a fellow’s outstanding form, but the fellow believes he or she has completed it, it’s likely that he or she has begun the form, but failed to submit it.
  • Please feel free to contact Liz Foley at with any other questions, problems or suggestions concerning the web survey.