Office of Special Academic Programs

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Scholarship

Joshua L. Chamberlain Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was a member of Bowdoin College's class of 1852. He is famed for championing the 20th Maine Infantry's heroic defense of Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Some historians credit Chamberlain and the 20th Maine with saving the Union, on that early July day, from a Confederate attack that would have toppled the Union and won the Civil War for the South. Chamberlain later went on to serve as Maine's governor and then as Bowdoin College's sixth president.

As one of Bowdoin’s most prestigious scholarships, the Joshua L. Chamberlain Scholarship is awarded to a select group of students who have demonstrated academic achievements and have shown promise of exceptional success in college. 

Chamberlain Scholars receive two stipends in the amount of $1,500 during their tenure in the College in support of non-credit-bearing enrichment opportunities such as research, independent study, career-related internship, travel expenses, and service learning or community engagement.

The stipend will normally be used during a spring or summer vacation period, but scholars may also elect to use it during a study abroad semester or year away from the College. 

Importantly, stipends are available only to students who have enrolled and are registered to do courses in the College. Those on disciplinary, voluntary, academic or medical leave of absence do not qualify.

While all Bowdoin students enjoy the benefit of well-planned academic and social advising, scholars have a dedicated advisor to assist them in reaching their full potential as a Bowdoin student and leader.

If you are interested in applying for the Joshua L. Chamberlain Scholarship, please complete the application form.