Under the direction of the Dean of Academic Affairs, the Office of Special Academic Programs (OSAP) was established in August 2008 to coordinate the administration of Bowdoin College’s special fellowship and scholarship programs, namely the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, Bowdoin Faculty Scholarship, John Brown Russwurm Scholarship, and the Joshua L. Chamberlain Scholarship. In addition, OSAP serves as a resource for students in the Summer Enrichment Program and the Bowdoin Science Experience Program. Through the administration of these programs, OSAP is committed to the advancement of the college’s mission of excellence and diversity by providing the essential institutional and programmatic support for the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body, especially of well-qualified underrepresented students.

To this end, OSAP is primarily concerned with advancing the following three objectives:

  • facilitate a quick and smooth transition to the culture and values of Bowdoin College for new students so that they can acquire the relevant information and skills that will allow them to take full advantage of educational opportunities that will enhance their academic and intellectual experience;
  • provide students with sustained institutional support that will enhance their qualification for admission and ensure their success in graduate and professional schools;
  • nurture a community of undergraduate scholars that are dedicated to academic excellence and diversity.

Thus, in addition to coordinating its activities with relevant Bowdoin College academic and student affairs programs, OSAP offers an array of educationally related support services which include advising students on how to obtain research, internship, scholarship and stipend support, tutoring and mentoring programs that link faculty and staff to students, creating opportunities for students to attend professional conferences, and assistance in preparing for and applying to graduate and professional schools. OSAP offers intensive preparatory courses, seminars, workshops, summer research opportunities, and other important resources for our students throughout the academic year.

As a community, OSAP students are encouraged to meet and share experiences, and to discuss a wide range of topics that are relevant to our students' academic success with faculty mentors and staff advisors. Students are encouraged to stop by our office to take advantage of OSAP’s individualized advising and mentoring opportunities. OSAP Director, Rosemary Effiom, and Program Administrator, Anne Clifford are available to meet with current and prospective students to answer questions and discuss a wide range of questions that are relevant to academic success during their tenure at Bowdoin College.