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Off-Campus Study Policy and Options

Valparaíso, Chile – photo by Drew Friedmann '05
Valparaíso, Chile – photo by Drew Friedmann '05

A period of study in an appropriate country, usually in the junior year, is strongly encouraged for all students of language, and there are excellent options in Spain and Latin America. Interested students should start planning early in their sophomore year to select a program that fits their needs. Please also read “Suggestions and Policies for Off-Campus Study in Spanish Speaking Countries”  for important general advice and requirements for studying in Spanish-speaking countries, particularly for majors.

Visiting  Bowdoin's Off-Campus Study web page  is essential for your planning. There you will find a comprehensive list of program options, important application deadlines, and information about choosing a program. After choosing some options and visiting the Off-Campus Study office, seek the advice of afaculty member in Spanish.

Bowdoin awards up to 4 general credits per semester for courses taken off-campus for up to a year.

The Spanish program awards, for courses taken in the humanities and social sciences:

  • up to 3 credits toward the major for a semester-long off-campus study in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • up to 4 credits toward the major for a year-long program.


  • If you are a Spanish major and have not taken 209 or 210 before going abroad, you should find a literature survey course abroad to obtain credit for that requirement (especially if you are going for the year).

Those courses counted toward the Spanish major may also be counted toward another major, but be sure to talk with faculty from other departments for which you wish to receive credit.

All courses required for the minor in Spanish need to be taken at Bowdoin. However, courses taken off-campus can be credited as prerequisites for the 300-level minor requirement, under the advice of a faculty member in Spanish.


  • Obtain information on programs from the Off-Campus Study office and web page. Visit Bowdoin's Off-Campus Study office for information about choosing a program and important deadlines.
  • Discuss your options with a Spanish faculty member at Bowdoin.
  • Choose a program and fill out application through the Off-Campus Study office. 
  • Upon arrival to the target country, if your courses are very different from those already discussed with your advisor, obtain e-mail approval of your courses from a Bowdoin Spanish faculty member.
  • After returning to Bowdoin, complete Off-Campus Study evaluation form.
  • After obtaining general credit approval from the Office of the Registrar and your off-campus courses are listed in your academic record, write a 3-4 page narrative in Spanish (as indicated in http://bowdoin.edu/spanish/study-away/off-campus-study-in-spanish-speaking-countries.shtml), and arrange for an interview with your Spanish faculty advisor in order to have credits approved toward your major or minor.