Recent Honors Theses

"Desiring Recognition: Gay Pride Events and the Discourse of Visibility",

Charlie Emerson Curtis, 2014, Class of '14

"Regulating Reproduction: Inequality and Women's Access to Reproductive Health Systems in Ecuador",

Katie Ashby, 2013, Class of '13

"The Changing Chamberlain Household (1865-1890): A Gender Archaeology Analysis",

Chelsea Gross, 2013, Class of '13

"Belonging on the Appalachian Trail: An Analysis of the Thru-hiking Community",

Danica Loucks, 2013, Class of '13

"King Coal: Rethinking the Connection between the Coal Industry and Health in West Virginia",

Melanie Gaynes, 2013, Class of '13

"Seen But Not Heard: Young Mothers' Interaction with the Health Care System",

Kristen Stogsdill, 2013, Class of '13

"First Generation Latino College Students: Social Capital, Cultural Capital, and School Success",

Rodolfo Edeza, 2013, Class of '13

"Muslims and Family Planning in India: Discrimination, Discourses of Control, and Reproductive Decisions",

Emma Nathaniel, 2012, Class of '12

"Beyond the Monolith: Problematizing the Unitary Black Student/White Campus Narrative at Bowdoin College",

Nadja Shaw, 2012, Class of '12

"Cultural (Mis)Representations at the Zoo: Easter Monday and Fiesta Musical at the Smithsonian's Zoological Park",

Kate Riechert, 2011, Class of '11

"Birth Models and Practitioners in a United States Hospital: How a Certified Nurse-Midwife and an Obstetrician-Gynecologist Care for Women",

Natalia Richey, 2011, Class of '11

"Creating a Comfortable Death: Hospice Volunteers, Nurses, and Chaplains' Approaches to Pain and End-of-Life Care",

Lauren Xenakis, 2011, Class of '11

"Human Rights, The Cultural Defense, and Cultural Relativism: How Law and Anthropology Understand and Use 'Culture'",

Katherine Epstein, 2010, Class of '10

"Making Tattoos: Constructing Identity, Networks, and Social Structures Among Artists and Collectors",

Skye Lawrence, 2010, Class of '10

"The 2007-8 Post-Election Violence in Kenya: Autochthony, Ethnic Cleansing, and hte Politics of Identity",

Charles Warren, 2010, Class of '10

"Stitching together the evidence: The Role of Inughuit women on the Crocker Land Expedition, 1913-1917",

Alison Weisburger, 2010, Class of '10

"Hegemonic Masculinity and Sports at Bowdoin College",

Laurence Dugan, 2010, Class of '10

"Increasing Access to Justice in the State of Maine: An Evaluation of the Courthouse Assistance Project",

Alexander Kontur, 2010, Class of '10

"Personal Troubles, Collective Trauma: Resistance and Recovery in a Deindustrialized Millinocket",

Anne Riley, 2008, Class of '08

"Three Generations of Shans: Negotiating State and Family Change in 20th Century China",

Joy Li-Yueh Lee, 2007, Class of '07

"Stigma and HIV/AIDS in Malaysia: Accounts of Its Effects on Policy and Practice",

Sonia Alam, 2007, Class of '07

"The 2006 Massachusetts Health Care Reform Act: Stakeholder Interactions in the First Year of Implementation",

Nicole Colucci, 2007, Class of '07

"Self-Conscious Selves: Facebook and the New Structure for Identity and Community",

Karina van Schaardenburg, 2007, Class of '07

"Treating AIDS as a Social Disease: Sex Workers in Uganda and the Need for Holistic HIV/AIDS Programs",

William Voinot-Baron, 2007, Class of '07

"Towards an Understanding of the Campus Climate Regarding Sexuality at a Liberal Arts College",

James Tucker Harrison, 2006, Class of '06

"Reimagining the Deserted Village: Somali-White Tensions, Youth Racial Identity, and Conflict Resolution in Auburn, Maine",

Elspeth Benard, 2006, Class of '06

"Then Everything Fell Apart": Men's Changing Work and Identities", 

Eleanor Simon, 2006, Class of '06

"From in-patient to out-patient, but forever a mental patient: an examination of print media portrayals of mental illness from 1940 to 2000",

Nina Shrayer, 2006, Class of '06

"Archaeology, History, & Identity in Early Medieval Britain",

David Willner, 2006, Class of '06

"Petrographic Evidence for Preclassic Ceramic Specialization at the Maya Site of Colha, Belize",

Michael Brennan, 2004, Class of '04

"Can Archaeology Inform History? Investigations of the Norse in the Western North Atlantic",

Mary Melnik, 2004, Class of '04

"The Complex Nature of Korean Adoption and Its Implications about Race and Family in the United States",

Nicole Ceterski, 2004, Class of '04

"Identity Presentation and Performance in the Autobiographies of W.E.B. DuBois",

Alissa Cordner, 2004, Class of '04

"Dissolution of and Iceberg: The Effects of the Pinochet Dictatorship on Chilean Collective Memory",

Marya Washburn, 2004, Class of '04

"I became more open to life: Environmental Education at Wolfe's Neck Farm",

Lauren Eve Pappone, 2003, Class of '03

"Gender Identities Limited: Power and Resistance in the Sri Lankan Garment Industry",

Jill Meredith Shirey, 2003, Class of '03