Crime Prevention and Personal Safety

Bowdoin College is a safe campus, Brunswick is a safe town, and Maine is a safe state.  Still, crime does happen here.  Violent crime is exceedingly rare.  Property crimes like theft are more common. Bowdoin has a vigilant security department and Brunswick has a fine police force, but no college campus is a crime-free utopia.

Randy Polar Bear StudentsIt serves no purpose to victimize yourself with unwarranted fear.  Most crimes are crimes of opportunity that are easily prevented with simple common sense and calm awareness.  Don't walk alone at night in secluded or poorly lit areas...don't engage in reckless high-risk behavior...don't prop your doors open...don't leave your bicycle unlocked...don't leave valuables unattended...don't leave drinks unattended at a party...and don't leave yourself defenseless and vulnerable by taking illicit drugs or becoming intoxicated.

Bowdoin does everything it reasonably can to create a safe environment, but ultimately you alone are responsible for your personal safety. Although campus safety is a community responsibility, your personal safety is largely determined by your choices. Together, with the common good in mind, we create a safe community by reporting suspicious activity and caring for the well being of others.

Never hesitate to call Security at 725-3500 when you need help, or when you sense that something is wrong, or someone is in danger.  Listen to your intuition and take positive action.  After 6 p.m. use the Bowdoin Shuttle for trips within a one-mile radius of campus - 725-3337.

The Bowdoin Office of Safety and Security is always there for you and ready to serve.  We are dedicated to your safety.  You can rely on us as we rely on you.  With your help, we will keep Bowdoin one of the safest college campuses in the country.