Reunion Weekend: May 30 – June 2, 2019

Class of 1974 - 45th Reunion

More than 1,800 people returned to Bowdoin for Reunion 2019. It was a weekend full of sunny skies and celebrating all that we love about Bowdoin. Classmates, family, and friends enjoyed an after hours reception at the Museum of Art, sampled New England craft beers, danced the night away with dance band, Plush, attended inspiring talks, ate lobster, and most importantly, enjoyed visiting with friends.

Enjoy highlights from the weekend through photos taken by the College photographer, photos taken by Reunion Student Ambassadors, and social media posts.

The following people attended the Class of 1974’s 45th Reunion:

Chris Anschuetz ’74
Michael Beacom ’74
Elizabeth Woodman Begin ’74
John Connell ’74
Jeff Conrad ’74
Rick Davis ’74
Alan Donahue ’74
Spiros Droggitis ’74
Michael Fiori ’74
Steve Gifford ’74
Ed Grady ’74
Steve Hannock ’74
Mike Hermans ’74
John Kenney ’74
Joe Leghorn ’74
Dennis Levesque ’74
Nick Lewis ’74
Eric Luft ’74
Rich Lustig ’74
Jed Lyons ’74
Bruce Osborne ’74
Roger Pasinski ’74
Nancy Prince ’74
Bill Rees ’74
Charlie Roberts ’74
Peter Rothberg ’74
Eileen Sheedy-Currie ’74
George Shube ’74
Ed Simeone ’74
Merv Smith ’74
Deborah Swiss ’74
Joe Tansey ’74
Jim Vander Noot ’74
Peter Warren ’74
Noel Webb ’74
Paul Weinberg ’74