Honors in Religion

Procedures for Honors Projects in Religion

Students who have demonstrated exemplary skill and discipline in their coursework are encouraged to undertake an honors project. 

Such students must think carefully about their commitment to completing an intensive research project during their senior year. In addition, they must be able to articulate a particular question to research and to contextualize their question within broader conversations in the discipline. The faculty recommends that religion majors begin thinking about and discussing with a member of the department a possible project as early as their junior year so as to take advantage of summer research funding. Candidates for honors complete two semesters of independent study and are expected to draw theoretical resources and methodological methods from Religion 3390.

To embark on research for an honors project in religion, students enroll in the fall semester of their senior year in an independent study with a department member who has agreed to supervise such a project. Bear in mind that enrollment in an advanced independent study does not replace the religion major requirement of two 3000-level courses (including Religion 3390). 

Students must submit a copy of their 1-2 page preliminary prospectus to each member of the department by September 15. The faculty members will discuss the prospectus and the advisor will report back to the student. Based on feedback received, students submit to each member of the department a copy of their formal prospectus of 6-8 pages (including bibliography) by November 1.

Important Deadlines

September 15
Submit a preliminary prospectus 1-2 pages to each member of the department
November 1
Submit a formal prospectus 6-8 pages (including bibliography) to each member of the department

Again, the advisor will report back to the student the evaluation of the department. If approval is received to proceed with the honors project, a draft of a chapter is due at the end of the fall semester. Should approval not be granted, it is expected that the student will complete a lengthy research essay at the conclusion of this independent study. 

Faculty members and students are at liberty to determine a writing schedule for the honors project; however, they are urged to adhere to the following guidelines:  a second installment at the start of February; a third installment at the start of March and the entire draft completed by the start of April.

Proposing an Honors Project

Students contemplating a program of independent study leading to honors should be aware of the following expectations: