Classroom Requests for Spring 2014

Instructors should submit their Classroom Request Forms for the Spring 2014 semester. Forms with specific course information will be delivered to department offices on 9 December 2013. Ask your department/program coordinator or chair how classroom request forms are handled for your department. In some departments, individual faculty members submit their own forms. In other departments, the forms are filled in and/or collected centrally and turned in all at once.

Instructors who are off campus should work with their department/program chair or coordinator to have their form(s) submitted on their behalf. All instructors for a team-taught course will receive a Classroom Request Form for their shared course; only one form per course should be submitted.

Each Classroom Request Form allows an instructor to specify:
• the type of room preferred for a course;
• specific room(s) preferred;
• equipment and other room resources required; and
• if s/he will also be teaching another course immediately before or after a course.

The back side of the form displays information about classrooms available on campus--including room capacity, type of room, equipment available, etc. 

NEW FOR SPRING 2014: Every scheduled class-related meeting that uses a room (including labs, film screenings, discussion sections, etc.) has its own separate Classroom Request Form. Please return all forms; put requests for lab rooms (or tell us the lab room that will be used) under question 2 on the separate form for each lab.

All Spring 2014 Classroom Request Forms are due to the Office of the Registrar by 5pm on Friday, 13 December 2013. If a form is not submitted for a course, it is assumed that there are no room type preferences and no equipment needs for the course; those courses will be assigned to classrooms last. 

Rooms not available: Three large rooms are reserved one night a week for special lectures and programs. These limitations are noted in the grid of available classrooms on the back of each classroom request form. Searles 315 is not available for class meetings on Tuesday evenings. The Beam Classroom is not available for class meetings on Wednesday evenings. Smith Auditorium is not available for class meetings on Thursday evenings.

The Office of the Registrar assigns classrooms in accordance with the Classroom Assignment Policy. The policy explains the relative priority that different considerations have during the classroom assignment process. Classroom assignments are reviewed with representatives from Information Technology and the Office of the Dean for Academic Affairs before they are finalized. Classroom assignments for Spring 2014 courses will be posted online in mid January 2014.

If an instructor has a disability documented with Human Resources, we will hear from Human Resources the room accommodations we need to address on his/her behalf. Faculty should contact Cindy Bessmer in Human Resources with questions about documenting a disability.

Additional/blank Classroom Request Forms are available online. The online version of the list of available classrooms includes links to information and photos posted online by Information Technology for some of the rooms.

Address questions about classroom scheduling to Janet Dana (x3668,