Michelle Henning

Affiliation: Art Museum
Assistant to the Registrar

Michelle Henning began volunteering in the Registrar’s department in 2006, filing, documenting incoming works, and assisting where directed, primarily for organizational purposes.  With a formal science education and an active business in the making and marketing of fine craft, as well as an involvement in Maine’s fine craft community on a policy-making level, Michelle brought a broad range of skills and experience to the position of Assistant to the Registrar in early spring of 2007. 

In the 6+ years since Michelle joined the Art Museum team, her responsibilities have expanded with the growth of the Museum’s ambitious exhibition schedule, and the Museum’s increased visibility.  In addition to assisting the Registrar and Collections Manager, Laura Latman, Michelle addresses all incoming Rights and Reproductions requests, as well as outgoing requests for images and film permissions from all of the Museum’s departments for use in projects originating here at the Museum. Michelle plays a major role in the continuous updating of the Museum image library. A primary goal for the next two years is to help make the impressive collection here more visible and accessible.