Alumni and Careers

Anthropology fosters the development of analytical skills, holistic knowledge, and ethical reasoning that are crucial to a variety of fields. 

Majors go on to captivating careers in business, design, education, health care, human rights advocacy, humanitarianism, international development, journalism, law, media, medicine, museum administration, nonprofits, public administration and policy, social research, social justice organizing. Some pursue graduate and professional studies after graduation and others find travel, work, or volunteer.

Some Useful Anthropology Websites

American Anthropological Association
Website for the American Anthropological Association. Find out what's happening in American anthropology. This site includes a brief history of the field, section news, updates on policy debates, and great links for anthropology resources online. 

Center for a Public Anthropology
An excellent website offering a searchable database of 3 major anthropology journals, as well as links on possibilities for activist anthropology, annotated photos, and more.

Directory of Graduate Schools
Searchable by state and country.

Society for Applied Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology
The website of the Society for Cultural Anthropology. In addition to providing information about the open access journal Cultural Anthropology, the website has short essays, podcasts, ethnographic films and other items about contemporary issues in anthropology and the world. 

World Anthropologies Network (Red de Anthropologias del Mundo)
Journal of RAM-WAN, a contemporary collective of international anthropologists who view Anglo-Saxon (and continental French) anthropological theory, thought, and practice as stifling and silencing other ways of knowing, doing, and living anthropology. Since the mid-1990s, this project has laid out foundational arguments for pluralizing and diversifying what ‘we’ understand to be disciplinary knowledge.

Anthropologies of This Century
Another major open access anthropology journal that publishes longer book reviews and a small number of research articles.



Internships offer valuable opportunities to gain experience in your chosen field. Several institutions offer internships to aspiring anthropologists. However, don’t be afraid to veer off the beaten path and consider internships that may be non-traditional for anthropology students.  

Among the many non-profit organizations offering internship opportunities in the United States and abroad are:

Cultural Survival, Inc. (a non-profit indigenous rights group)

Smithsonian Institution

National Museum of Natural History

U.S. Department of State

National Park Service