Joshua J. Hartman

Affiliation: Classics
Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics
Joshua Hartman received his PhD from the University of Washington in 2016.  He was also a predoctoral fellow at WWU-Münster and a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo.  In addition to his role at Bowdoin, he is an  affiliated researcher at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. A central theme in his academic work is literary memory and allusion, especially the ways that authors mobilize ancient literature in order to negotiate religious and national identities.  He focuses on these strategies of literary and cultural remembrance with particular attention to late antiquity (200-600 C.E.) and early modernity (1500-1900 C.E.). Beyond these interests, he has also written and published on natural language processing and quantitative approaches to Latin literature and the works of the emperor Julian.  His work on reception in the early modern era focuses on the colonial and revolutionary periods, especially in Puerto Rico and Mexico.  His profile photo was taken at the Biblioteca Nacional de México.  In it, he is examining the only remaining manuscript that contains the text of the Guadalupe, a Latin epic poem written in Mexico in 1724. 
Professor Hartman examining ancient text


  • PhD, University of Washington–Seattle
  • MA, University of Washington–Seattle
  • BA, University of Wisconsin–Madison