Clayton S. Rose Biography

Clayton S. Rose, PhD, is the fifteenth president of Bowdoin College. As president, he has underscored the essential importance of a liberal arts education for living lives of meaning, for civic engagement, and for professional success and satisfaction.  He has also emphasized the themes of discourse and inclusion. Specifically, that a central mission of the College is to foster an environment of vigorous and respectful intellectual engagement on the most challenging and uncomfortable ideas, where students question their beliefs and develop the skills, knowledge, and disposition to become “intellectually fearless.” Rose also continues to stress that Bowdoin must be a community where everyone will have the opportunity for an equally robust experience, regardless of their economic status, background, or identity.

In February 2016, Rose announced a lead gift of $10 million that enables the College to build the new Roux Center for the Environment and to create programs to enhance the College’s leadership in study of the environment.

Rose, 58, previously served as a member of the faculty at the Harvard Business School (HBS), where he taught and wrote on the responsibilities of leadership, managerial values and ethics, and the role of business in society. He joined the faculty at HBS in 2007 and was named professor of management practice in 2009. He was also engaged administratively at HBS, dealing with issues of community values and standards and the school’s honor code, and was part of a faculty group advising on improving the experience of women faculty and students. He was recognized at HBS for innovation in teaching and for service to the community.

Originally from San Rafael, California, Rose earned his undergraduate degree (1980) and MBA (1981) at The University of Chicago. In 2003, following a highly successful twenty-year leadership and management career in finance, he enrolled in the doctoral program in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania to study issues of race in America, earning his master’s degree in 2005 and his PhD with distinction in 2007.

Rose is a member of the board of trustees of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the nation’s largest private supporter of academic biomedical research, having joined in 2009. He previously served on the board of the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. He is also a member of the board of directors of XL Group.

His wife of thirty-three years, Julianne H. Rose, originally from Rosemont, Pennsylvania, earned her undergraduate degree in biology magna cum laude at Boston College and her MBA at The University of Chicago. She began her career in finance, held elected office at the municipal level for many years, and now owns a business in Maine.

Clayton and Julianne Rose have two sons. Garett lives in Washington, DC, with his wife, Meredith, and Jordan lives in New York City. Julianne and Clayton Rose live on campus with their Labrador retriever, Emmie.