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Physics and Astronomy

Faculty and Staff

Mark O. Battle  
Associate Professor of Physics
Chair of Physics Department

Thomas Baumgarte
Professor of Physics

Madeleine E. Msall
Professor of Physics

Stephen G. Naculich
Professor of Physics

Dale A. Syphers (on leave of absence for the spring 2014 semester)
Professor of Physics
High magnetic field effects and low temperature phenomena associated with electronic systems of restricted dimensionalities, including magneto-transport, Integer and Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, resonant tunneling structures, and properties of novel semiconductor systems

Karen A. Topp
Senior Lecturer in Physics

Laboratory Instructors

Kenneth A. Dennison
Laboratory Instructor in Physics

Gary L. Miers
Laboratory Instructor in Physics

Elise Weaver
Laboratory Instructor/Electronics Support Associate in Physics

Support Staff

Emily C. Briley, Department Coordinator

Robert L. Stevens, Mechanician

Ben King, Machinist


Guy T. Emery

Elroy O. LaCasce

James H. Turner