UMaine College of Engineering

University of Maine Engineering

The Physics Department coordinates the 3-2 engineering option, in which Bowdoin has an arrangement with  the University of Maine College of Engineering.

In a recent letter to students from the Presidents of Bowdoin College and the University of Maine, they wrote:

Innovation and discovery are at the heart of higher education institutions like the University of Maine and Bowdoin College. It is in this spirit that we draw your attention to an exciting partnership aimed at increasing the number of engineers in Maine by expanding engineering education opportunities for students.

The program is called Bowdoin/UMaine 3 + 2, and it allows students the opportunity to study for three years at Bowdoin and two years at the UMaine College of Engineering. Upon completing the five years of study, students will receive a bachelor of arts degree from Bowdoin and a bachelor of science in engineering from UMaine.

Engineers need to communicate effectively in today’s workplace to be successful. They need these skills to write technical reports and proposals and to be effective in face-to-face meetings and formal presentations. The Bowdoin/UMaine 3 + 2 program provides an outstanding liberal arts education and an excellent engineering program, leaving students with informed perspectives on the vital environmental and societal needs of a changing world.

Maine is graduating too few engineers to maintain the size of its already inadequate engineering workforce. With the Bowdoin/UMaine 3 + 2 program, more students will be able to receive a quality liberal arts and engineering education that will help us meet the growing need for engineers in our state.

We urge you to encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity today so that we can build our economy and provide our state with the engineering workforce and the leaders we will need for tomorrow.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us or our admissions offices for further information on this exciting partnership. We look forward to working with you to grow our state’s economy and brighten its future.

Best regards,

Barry Mills
President, Bowdoin College

Robert A. Kennedy
President, University of Maine

The 3-2 engineering program is managed by the Physics Department. Students interested in engineering programs should start planning early and should consult regularly with the 3-2 advisor in the physics department. All students must take Physics 103, 104, 223, 229, and 300 or Mathematics 224; Chemistry 109; Mathematics 161, 171, and 181; and Computer Science 101. This adds up to a very vigorous grounding in the sciences, but students also are expected to have at least ten semester courses outside of mathematics and science, one of which should be in economics. The 3-2 advisor in the Physics Department is Professor Dale Syphers.