Dartmouth Dual Degree Program

Another possibility for students to explore various fields in engineering is Bowdoin's study away program, in which a student spends the junior year away to take engineering courses. Dartmouth offers the option of taking the junior year at the Dartmouth engineering program, senior year at Bowdoin with graduation at the end of the year, and the choice of a fifth year at Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering. It is important to note that courses taken at Dartmouth for Bowdoin physics credit must be approved in advance by the department chair. In this scheme, the student returns to Bowdoin to graduate in the usual four-year sequence and then may decide to pursue further engineering studies. Students interested in the Dartmouth programs should also visit Dartmouth's web site on the dual degree program

The 3-2 engineering program is managed by the Physics Department. Students interested in engineering programs should start planning early and should consult regularly with the 3-2 advisor in the physics department. All students must take Physics 103, 104, 223, 229, and 300 or Mathematics 224; Chemistry 109; Mathematics 161, 171, and 181; and Computer Science 101. This adds up to a very vigorous grounding in the sciences, but students also are expected to have at least ten semester courses outside of mathematics and science, one of which should be in economics. The 3-2 advisor in the Physics Department is Professor Dale Syphers.