Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower Opera

Indigo Arts Alliance and Portland Ovations
in association with Bowdoin College present
Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower

Created by Toshi Reagon and Bernice Johnson Reagon
Music and Lyrics by Toshi Reagon and Bernice Johnson Reagon
Co-Directed by Signe Harriday and Eric Ting

All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you. Based on the landmark sci-fi novels by Afrofuturist author Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Sower is a genre-defying, modern congregational opera that celebrates two centuries of Black music.

Written by Toshi Reagon and Bernice Johnson Reagon, Parable chronicles the spiritual awakening of Lauren Olamina amidst an America plagued by the products of unrelenting greed, systemic injustice and climate change denial. With an ensemble of more than 20 musicians, Parable transforms the operatic form, fusing African-American spiritualism, deep insights into gender and race, and climate activism into a new musical experience that thrills and inspires.


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Friday, April 14, 2023, 7:00 p.m.
Merrill Auditorium
Portland, Maine

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