The Farm

PlantingPleasant View Farm
Initiated by a group of students in 2005, the Bowdoin Organic Garden is operated by the College's Dining Service and includes a year-round garden manager and part-time personnel, students and volunteers.  In addition to growing vegetables, fruit and flowers for use in the College's dining halls, it provides research opportunities for the faculty, and agricultural experiences and events for the greater College community.  The Garden is presently located on a small plot of land on campus and on a 1.5 acre piece of property, leased from the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust at Crystal Spring Farm.  This site is approximately 2.5 miles from the main campus.
In 2014, the Garden will be expanding to new land acquired as part of the property acquisition at 52 Harpswell Road, in Brunswick.  The property sits at the edge of campus and includes a future residence hall,  a half-acre of growing space and an historic barn.  The property will be developed utilizing principles of sustainable landscaping, including rain water collection and composting.  The proximity to campus and larger, on-site storage will greatly improve efficiency and provide an identifiable home location for the Garden.  Recently, the College obtained approval by Maine Organic Farmers & Gardener's Association to designate the site as certified organic.  The new garden location will open up academic research possibilities for faculty and students, and allow more convenient student and community volunteering.