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OneCard Online Payment FAQ

The student ID card, called the Bowdoin OneCard, allows a student to use multiple accounts, including deposited funds as well as meal plans and free printing funds, with the convenience of using a single card.

What can students purchase using the Bowdoin OneCard Account?

Students may pay for:
Laundry at any campus location.
Items at vending machines with card readers.
Anything for sale at the Student Information Desk including shuttle tickets, event tickets and movie passes, Craft Center classes, and more.

I cannot purchase a meal plan, pay for items at the Bookstore and Textbook Center, pay my student bill, or pay for parking fees using my Bowdoin OneCard Account.  Where can I get information about paying for them?

You can get information by contacting the appropriate department or visiting their websites.
Meal plan: Bowdoin Dining, (207) 725-3211
Bookstore and Textbook Center purchases: Bowdoin Bookstore, 1(800) 524-2225
Student bill: Bowdoin Bursar’s Office, (207) 725-3249
Parking: Bowdoin Security, (207) 725-3314

What are the options for making deposits to the Bowdoin OneCard Account?

You may add funds with cash or check at the Bowdoin OneCard office during regular business hours; at either of the twocard-cash (CSVT) machines on campus, mail a check, or go online to pay by credit card, debit card, or electronic check (eCheck).  For more specific information, visit the Bowdoin OneCard website at http://www.bowdoin.edu/onecard/index.shtml, or contact the OneCard Office at (207) 721-5199 or onecard@bowdoin.edu.

How do I find out the balance of my Bowdoin OneCard Account?

Students will see theircard balance on the “Make Payment” webpage of the Online Payment System.  You may also visit the Bowdoin OneCard website to pull up your Bowdoin OneCard account balance: http://www.bowdoin.edu/onecard/.  Others making deposits to the Bowdoin OneCard Account on a student’s behalf may contact the student to request the balance.

What is the minimum amount that can be deposited to the Bowdoin OneCard Account? 

The minimum payment using the Online Payment System is $25.00.  There is no minimum if you use a check or cash.

Why is there a notice reflecting “pending transaction” on my bank account, even though the Bowdoin OneCard Account has been credited with the amount I paid online?  What if I bounce a check?

Unlike credit card payments which are immediate, banking account transactions can take up to a few days to process.  If a payment made using a bank account cannot be completed due to a lack of account funds, the amount deposited to the Bowdoin OneCard Account will be charged to the student account along with a $15.00 returned check fee.

What happens if I make a mistake when I deposit funds (for example, if I deposit $1000.00 but meant to only deposit $100.00)?

For credit or debit card payments, you may contact the OneCard Office by phone or email (see above).
A customer service representative will be able to process a refund to the card used for the payment. 

If you’ve used an eCheck to add funds to the OneCard or to pay the student account bill, the payment may be cancelled if it has not yet cleared.  If it has cleared, a paper check may be issued to the payer.  For eCheck payment corrections or refunds, contact the OneCard Office.

What happens to the funds I have on my Bowdoin OneCard Account if I lose it or if it’s stolen?

If you lose your card, you should deactivate your card immediately online at: http://www.bowdoin.edu/onecard/lost-card.shtml or call Bowdoin Security to deactivate your card for you.  Funds on a deactivated card are protected and automatically transferred when a student obtains a new replacement card.

What happens to the funds on my Bowdoin OneCard Account at the end of the academic year?

Bowdoin OneCard Account funds do not expire.  You can use them over the summer at locations that are open, and through your following academic years.  When you graduate or leave the college, any funds remaining are automatically credited to your student account.  Any resulting credit balances on student accounts are then refunded by the Bursar’s Office.