Student Meal Plans

Your meal plan, including meals at dining halls and polar points you can use at all Dining operations, is programmed onto your OneCard each semester. 

The 19, 14, 10 and 9 meal per week plans include a weekly number of meals and a cash equivalent called Polar Points. The Declining Balance plan is an all-points plan. Points enable students to bring guests to the dining halls or purchase a la carte food and non-alcoholic beverages at Smith Union dining operations.

Meal Plan Reminders

Weekly meal counts reset on Sunday morning. The meal week begins with Sunday breakfast and runs through Saturday night's SuperSnack. Unused meals do not roll from week to week.

Polar points and Declining Balance points are loaded onto OneCards in a lump sum at the start of the semester. Unused points at the end of a semester are forfeited, and do not roll over from one semester to another.

All Dining locations accept the OneCard account as well, so if you run out of meals and points, you can still make Dining purchases.

For more information about meal plans, please see Dining's Meal Plans and Policies page.