DiversityEdu Course: In February 2021, students, faculty, and staff completed a mandatory DiversityEdu online course to create a shared baseline understanding of the issues around equity and inclusion that we will be addressing as a community. 

Racial Equity Institute (REI): The three-hour workshop A Groundwater Approach to Racial Equity is presented by REI and uses stories and data to develop an understanding of the structural causes of racial inequity. In April 2021, students, faculty, and staff had the opportunity to attend one of two workshops. We will be scheduling additional dates for late summer and fall.  

History Project 

Bowdoin History Project:  There are aspects of the College’s history with respect to race that we can rightly be proud of, and we make these a part of the Bowdoin story, but we also have a history that is much more difficult, and about which we are less transparent. It is challenging, but as we better understand our history, as we engage with it and learn from it, we will make Bowdoin stronger. This project will make it possible for Bowdoin to fully live up to our aspiration to be a community where we each belong. Additional information about the Bowdoin History Project will be shared in the summer of 2021. 


DEI Partners
DEI Partners is a cross-campus group of administrators and staff with specific DEI responsibilities for their offices and departments and people who possess significant DEI knowledge and expertise. The primary purposes of this group are to share details on the DEI work being conducted in their respective areas and find opportunities for collaboration and coordination across campus and to leverage the expertise of the membership through group examination of specific initiatives for the institutional advancement of DEI work. Current members of the group are:

  • Mary Baumgartner - Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs
  • Joycelyn Blizzard - Director of Multicultural Alumni Engagement
  • Sherri Braxton - Senior Director for Digital Innovation
  • Katie Byrnes - Director of the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching and Adjunct Lecturer in Education
  • Benje Douglas - Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity and Director of Title IX, Gender Violence Prevention and Education
  • Tina Finneran - Senior Vice President for Institutional Research, Analytics, and Consulting
  • Eli Orlic - Senior Vice President and Special Assistant to the President & Secretary of the College
  • Claudia Marroquin - Senior Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Michael Reed - Senior Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity
  • Karen Shea - Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity
  • Kate Stern - Associate Dean of Students for Inclusion & Diversity and Director of the Center for Sexuality, Women & Gender
  • Dharni Vasudevan - Stanley F. Druckenmiller Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies and Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Inclusion

Lived Name Initiative: Many offices on campus have been working together since 2014 to launch the Lived Name Initiative, which lets students, faculty, and staff specify a name they go by that may differ from their legal name.