What are the DiversityEdu courses and what do they teach?  
The DiversityEdu courses are about engaging with diversity and contributing to inclusive culture. There are separate DiversityEdu courses for faculty and staff and students. All DiversityEdu courses teach personal, everyday skills appropriate to the learner cohort and their roles, as well as foundational knowledge for our entire community.

Why did Bowdoin decide to launch its first college-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) educational effort with the DiversityEdu courses?
Bowdoin decided that its first college-wide educational DEI educational effort would be the DiversityEdu courses for the purpose of grounding all of us in the important understanding of engaging with the issues surrounding equity and inclusion. We know that campus constituents have differing levels of expertise, and this foundational work will allow those with less knowledge of this topic to expand their proficiency. At the same time, it will assure that those with more experience in the subject matter are receiving the same information, so that all members of our campus community can share a common starting point and language for discussion. We believe this baseline knowledge will enable all of us to have more skillful conversations as we move through a multi-year process of learning and working with each other.

Who is taking the DiversityEdu course? Is it required?
All Bowdoin students, faculty, and staff will take a DiversityEdu course. Since the purpose of DiversityEdu courses is to establish a baseline of knowledge and touchpoints for further dialogue in our community, completion of the course is required.

Why DiversityEdu? How was it selected?
We chose DiversityEdu because Bowdoin is committed to diversity and inclusion, and quality diversity learning is the foundation of an inclusive campus. DiversityEdu was selected following a comprehensive vetting and selection process.

Who can I contact with questions?
If you have additional questions, please email OID@bowdoin.edu.

Do I get paid for the time it takes to complete the course?
Hourly staff will be paid for the time it takes to complete the course, including if it is not part of your regularly scheduled work hours. If you have questions about recording your time, please talk to your supervisor or contact Human Resources.