Community Messages

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2021 (Rose)
Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a national holiday dedicated to the life of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggle for civil rights and equality. More than five decades after Dr. King was murdered, we remain far from realizing his hopes for America.

DiversityEdu Course Announcement—January 11, 2021 (Reed)
When I started the draft of this email, my intention was to begin with a wish for a happy new year and, with enthusiasm, to invite you to participate in our first campus-wide diversity education program. But, given the events of last week—during which we witnessed our Capitol building under siege by a group of insurgents, incited by a president and other elected officials who refuse to acknowledge and support a legitimate and legal democratic election process—I could not begin this message with what felt like a hollow “Happy 2021.”

Update on Racial Justice and DEI Work—December 21, 2020 (Rose and Reed)
As this historic semester draws to a close, we are writing—as promised—with an update on our work on racial justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A Message from Michael Reed—November 18, 2020 (Reed)
As President Rose noted in his June 11, September 2, and October 23 messages, undertaking education and training to address issues of racial inequities, especially anti-Black racism, is a priority and commitment of the College.

Message to the Bowdoin Community—Racial Justice Update—October 23, 2020 (Rose)
On June 11 and September 2, I wrote to you describing the work we will be doing in response to the renewed calls in our society for racial justice and for a sustained commitment to end racism.

The Work Ahead on Race and Racism—September 2, 2020 (Rose)
I am writing to follow up on my message of June 11 about our work ahead on race and racism. The police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 23 is yet another horrible reminder of the relentless nature of racist violence and the continued necessity and urgency of this work.

A Message to the Bowdoin Community—June 11, 2020 (Rose)
I have been involved in the work of diversity and inclusion as a white ally for thirty years—in the business world running a diversity and inclusion effort, as a mentor, in my research and teaching, and here at Bowdoin. I believed that I was doing good work, that I was making a difference. But these past few weeks have caused me to reflect on this work, and it is clear that, whatever I have done—am doing—it is not enough.