Continuing the Work—April 23, 2021

Dear Colleagues:

We write to bring to your attention to and encourage your participation in two important student-led initiatives that further the work we are doing as a campus. 

Please consider joining the Athletes of Color Coalition (AoCC) and the Asian Students Alliance (ASA) for their program on Monday, April 26 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 pm“How to be a better ally: A campus-wide conversation.” Please see the attached poster or campus groups for the zoom link (PW: asaacocc) and additional information. When we requested permission from AoCC and ASA to publicize the event broadly, we received an enthusiastic response: they said they “would love to have representatives from all sectors of campus to increase support” and that sending an email to faculty would be a “great honor.” 

In addition, on Wednesday, April 28, poet and essayist Cathy Park Hong will join the campus at 7:00 p.m. in an event sponsored by the Asian Students Alliance and English Department. Please consider attending. You can register for it here.

Both events, in addition to the many others being contemplated by students, show how deep the need is for us to continue to educate ourselves on the dynamics of racism and impact it has on our community.  

Thank you very much.


Benje Douglas and Dharni Vasudevan


Benje Douglas

Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity and Title IX Coordinator 

Dharni Vasudevan

Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Inclusion and Stanley F. Druckenmiller Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies