Off-Campus Study should be academically engaging and reflect the “spirit” of the liberal arts curriculum. Here are your key takeaways:

Students talking
Students studying in Granada, Spain.
  • Make sure you take enough credits at your host institution to transfer to a full semester/year at Bowdoin. (Tip: this may vary greatly so pay close attention to what OCS says a full credit load is at your chosen institution!)
  • Take classes only in the liberal arts. (Tip: You cannot take non-liberal arts subjects like business, marketing, communications, linguistics, sports, physical education, agriculture, or internships.)
  • Credit will be given for classes taken for a letter grade above a C-. (No pass/fail allowed off-campus!)
  • Students are responsible to be familiar with their respective program or university abroad’s policies regarding grade conversion to U.S. letter grades.
  • Grades earned away will not be calculated in the Bowdoin GPA.

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