Summer Opportunities

Bowdoin students overwhelmingly choose to study away for a semester or year, however a small group of Bowdoin students choose to study abroad every summer.

Three Bowdoin Students
Students hiking near Aix, France.

Students looking to study away domestically should work with the Office of the Registrar, but those interested in international study should work with us.

Unlike semester/year students that choose their institution from the OCS Options List, summer students are able to choose any institution. Students often ask us where they can study in the summer. A good place to start is the Options list because many of the same institutions and programs also offer summer study options.

Academic considerations for summer study:

  • To get credit for a summer class abroad, you must complete this Application for Transfer of Credit form and get department chair approval by April 1.
  • Bowdoin has policies around what classes will transfer for credit. Please read our “Important academic information” page.
  • Credit can transfer, but it is very important to understand the guidelines for summer credit transfer. Look on the Application for Transfer of Credit form from the Registrar's office so that you know exactly how much Bowdoin credit you'll earn.

Financial considerations for summer study:

  • Student aid from Bowdoin does not transfer to summer study away. Students/families must pay all associated costs (tuition, room, board, flights and related expenses).
  • There are some national scholarships like the Boren, Critical Language Scholarship, and Gilman that can fund summer study, and some institutions offer partial scholarships. It is your responsibility to research and apply for these opportunities.

We have created an International Travel Handbook to help Bowdoin students going abroad in the summer, which covers important information such as travel, visas, health, safety, and more.