Field Study

Field Study Schools - Sorted by Providers

Field-based: A straight slate of classes is offered to all participants along a topic or theme that relates to the host location.  Experiential learning “in the field” connects experiences to the academic topics. Frequently culminates in an independent study developed by the student. Mostly focused on the natural and social sciences, program size tends to be small and English-taught (though not always) and involve regional or international travel relating to the core theme. There will be a US based contact to coordinate with, as well as facilities on the ground.

The School for International Training offers a broad range of social science and natural science programs. Though the critical global issues each program engages with academically vary, there are certain common elements to SIT programs across the world: local homestays, field trips, local language learning, and a large final independent study project.
The School for Field Studies offers research-intensive immersive natural science field programs, often in threatened or remote ecosystems. Housing tends to be with other participants in field stations, but interaction with the communities and culture of the host country is achieved through community collaboration.
Many colleges and study abroad providers have long-running field programs throughout the world, including options to study on a tall ship, research field stations, and many excellent culturally immersive options for students interested in sociology and anthropology.