Studying off campus allows students to expand their sense of home!
Student with host
A student with her host mother in Spain.

Home at Bowdoin is so clearly defined: familiar faces, hammocks on the quad, quickly walkable routes, and shared meals. Off-campus, however, home can manifest in a thousand different ways. A solo coffee and pastry on the train; navigating a multi-generational kitchen; and star gazing from the ship deck on night-watch. 

With a wide variety of housing offerings, often enmeshed with the cultural morays of the host countries, Bowdoin students can find themselves in anything from large dormitories, city apartments with shared kitchens, host families, local roommates, and a hammock in a field station.

The opportunity to live with locals--either fellow students or a family--can give you an expanded cultural experience, difficult to achieve in practically any other travel abroad setting! Our office encourages students to choose to live with locals whenever possible, but also to retain a sense of how their home base plays into their academic success and personal stability. 

Students should be aware that the vast majority of programs and host institutions provide housing and students must select from the available options; Bowdoin will not approve requests to live independently unless housing is not provided by the program or host institution.

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