Apply to Host Institution

In addition to securing Bowdoin's approval to study off-campus, you will need to get your host's approval to attend.

Deadlines and selection criteria vary program by program. Many programs having rolling admissions, meaning they can fill up ahead of the deadline (e.g. King's College, DIS Copenhagen). Therefore, students should apply to their program or host institution when their respective applications open. This may be as early as January 1 of the previous academic year. Regardless of your program (or university)’s deadline, OCS has guideline application dates of no later than March 7 (for fall/year away) and September 15 (for spring away). 

Programs/universities will determine their own selection criteria, such as GPA and academic pre-requisites (including foreign language and relevant coursework). 

Depending on the institution, applications may require any of the following:

  • Application form (online or paper/pdf)
  • Transcript (student must order from the Bowdoin Registrar's office)
  • Essay, writing sample, portfolio, audition 
  • Home school authorization/confirmation of enrollment  
  • Letter/form of recommendation (usually from a faculty member) 
  • Foreign language evaluation
  • Research proposal
  • Resume
  • Application fee

Study away students are strongly encouraged to apply to only one program/university at a time. Only in rare circumstances where a program is known to the OCS office to be highly selective or to limit enrollment would OCS recommend applying to a backup. Most Bowdoin students are admitted to their first choice institution and OCS works with anyone who does not get admitted to determine a suitable alternative.