Published December 07, 2017 by Rebecca Goldfine

Book on Dinosaur Art by Zoë Lescaze ’12 Impresses Reviewers

Art critic and journalist Zoë Lescaze’s new book, Paleoart: Visions of the Prehistoric Past, is capturing the imagination of readers across the country, including critics at The Wall Street JournalThe Atlantic, CNN, Chicago Tribune, and National Geographic.
Paleoart book cover
Paleoart: Visions of the Prehistoric Past by Zoë Lescaze '12

The Los Angeles Times writes that the volume “features more than 200 stunning works by artists attempting to render dinosaurs based on fossil records and other scientific materials available to them in whatever decade or era they happened to be working.”

In its review of Paleoart, the New York Times calls the volume “gorgeous,” and points out that while it is focused on ancient species long gone, the artists’ attempts at visualizations of dinosaurs are more relevant than ever as we grapple with the looming threats of climate change.

Lescaze graduated from Bowdoin in 2012 with a degree in visual arts and art history.