Current Global Citizens Grant Recipients

Katie Coleman '16Katherine Coleman '16 will be working with The Bridge of Life school, located in the Vihea Chen Village outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia providing educational programming in response to community need and input. She will be planning and teaching a multi-media art curriculum with a focus on environmental sustainability and use of natural objects. She will teach two classes; one to children ages 5-10, and a second to children ages 11-14. By exploring the multifaceted potential of natural and found items, the children will be encouraged to broaden their critical and creative thinking in an applied manner. Katie will also hire a local intern interested in learning the intricacies of digital and film photography.

Rubi Duran '16Rubi Duran '16 will volunteer for Alianza Arkana, a non-profit organization located in Pacullpa, Peru. The organization is helping protect the Amazon rainforest through strategic alliances, defense of indigenous rights, permaculture, and intercultural education programs.Rubi will be in charge of The Grow & Cook Program which was created in response to the poor diet and growing nutritional deficiencies and illnesses present in Shipibo and indigenous communities across the Amazon. She will be working with both community mothers and students at the local intercultural school to help improve nutritional needs and develop recipes that utilize traditional foods.

Sarah Frankl '16Sarah Frankl '16 will be working with the Centro de Obras Sociales Maternidad de Maria in Chimbote, Peru this summer. The organization addresses a variety of health issues in an underserved community, and particularly focuses on maternal and child health. Sarah plans to volunteer with the center´s medical staff, and particularly examine the prenatal nutrition advice given to mothers. She hopes to produce and distribute a pamphlet outlining healthy dietary practices for mothers.

June Guo '16June Guo '16 will spend her summer working with a Tibetan Prefacture in China. She will work with Sengcham Drukmo Girls’ Home to provide education, housing, nourishment, and medical care for Tibetan girls who have been abandoned by their families. By working with SDGH, June will address the education gaps between students in rural and urban China, boys and girls in rural China, and the country's rigid socioeconomic classes. June plans to teach English to Tibetan girls (grades 2-6), help tend to the school's gardens, and develop workshops on yoga and mindful living.

Chris Gys '17Chris Gys '17 will spend the summer working with Changes for New Hope in Huaraz, Peru. The organization aids in the holistic development of children in marginalized communities around the city, addressing proper nutrition, social competency, educational success, and creative expression. In addition to engaging the children in activities related to the aforementioned issues, CFNH supplies materials essential for a better quality of life, such as vitamins, shoes, and school supplies. Chris plans to volunteer inside the classroom as a facilitator for written and spoken reflections and outside the classroom as a coordinator of recreational activities.

Erin McKissisk '16Erin McKissick '16 will spend the summer working with Lha Charitable Trust in Dharamsala, India. Lha is a nonprofit Tibetan social work organization that aims to facilitate the transition of Tibetan refugees from their homeland to northern India. They provide long-term rehabilitation and education resources in the form of language classes, cultural exchange programs, and vocational training in a welcoming community gathering space. During her time there, Erin will be volunteering as an English teacher and hopes to implement a poetry curriculum focusing on creative self-expression. She will also assist in writing material for Lha's website and preparing yummy food in their community soup kitchen.

Lauren Nguyen '17Lauren Nguyen '17 will spend this summer working with the Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies in Rabat, Morocco in a local hospital with a midwifery program, as well as in a local orphanage for disabled children (Centre la Salma pour les Enfants Handicape). The MCAS is a language school that provides volunteer internships in a wide array of disciplines to serve daily needs of Moroccans, as well as provide volunteers with an immersive cultural experience. I am planning to volunteer with local medical staff and women in labor, as well as care for and interact with children in the local orphanage.

Liem Tu '18

Liem Tu '18 will work for Maison de la Gare, a non-profit organization located in Saint-Louis, Senegal. The organization works to support the begging talibes, young boys growing up in Saint-Louis without family support, education, or structure. By providing French and English education, professional training, health care and organized sports & arts programs, MDG works to enable the talibes to become productive members of Senegalese society. Liem plans to teach English and French literacy classes at MDG and visit local schools to provide literacy instruction, as well as lead the organization's soccer program.

Lily Woodward '17

Lily Woodward '17 will spend the summer volunteering with Give a Heart to Africa, a small non-profit in Moshi, Tanzania. GHTA provides English language and vocational schools to local women, catering to those who are single mothers, from minority ethnic groups, and make little to no income. Through its one year program, the organization equips these women to become financially independent and socially empowered. Additionally, GHTA offers a recreation program for local children, features a volunteer-run on-site co-op, and conducts home visits to its students to better understand the unique challenges they face. During her time there, Lily plans on assisting in the classroom and traveling with the staff on home visits, all while getting to know the students and learning about the culture of Tanzania.