Current Global Citizens Grant Recipients


Mariely Garcia '17Mariely Garcia '17 will spend the summer in Gorubathan, West Bengal, India, working with the Himalayan Media Welfare Society. The organization works to provide better access to healthcare and educational opportunities for the marginalized and underserved members of the community. During her time there, Mariely plans to help the organization develop and implement more targeted health programming and public health outreach for the youth and the community at large. She also hopes to assist the organization in its efforts to attract more support and funds for its work.

Ryan Herman '17Ryan Herman '17 will spend the summer volunteering with Bal Basera in Jaipur, India. Due to the heightened levels of street children in Jaipur as a result of increased gang activity and overall poverty, Bal Basera opened as a center for homeless youth. The center aims to provide food and accommodation, educational facilities, and health and AIDS awareness while also attempting to locate and reunite the children’s families. In addition to traditional volunteer roles, Ryan plans to organize weekly lessons around nutrition and healthy eating habits as well as youth empowerment activities addressing issues of bereavement and loss.

Sam Kenney '19Samuel Kenney '19 will spend the summer working at Maison de la Gare, a small humanitarian/aid organization based out of Saint-Louis, Sénégal. The organization supports and educates talibé children who migrate to the coastal marabouts, or Quranic schools, from the interior of Sénégal and neighboring countries. The children often are victims of conditions similar to child-trafficking, poor hygiene, and under-education in French, the official language of Senegalese business and government. Samuel will teach French and English during his time there, as well as take on some administrative responsibilities.

Liam Nicoll '18Liam Nicoll '18 will spend the summer working with the Collateral Repair Project in Amman, Jordan. The organization acts as a support group for refugees in Amman, hailing from Syria and Iraq. The Collateral Repair Project offers education, summer camps, health classes, self-defense lessons, food stamps and a stable community. The CRP support system has helped hundreds of refugees in Amman. Liam plans to work as a volunteer this summer, aiding refugee youth in their education and assisting with administrative tasks.

Dhivya Singaram '17Dhivya Singaram '17 will be working with Sakthi-Vidiyal in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Vidiyal is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide safety and support to at-risk youth, particularly homeless children and child laborers. They offer children guidance and the resources to navigate their daily lives and they focus on child rights and youth community participation. Dhivya will be teaching English literacy classes. She also plans to document the children’s views on child rights through video and interviews.