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Application Form

Clare Boothe Luce/Maine Space Grant Research Scholars
Application Form 

Research Fellowships
Spring 2012

Name _________________________________

Year ________________




Faculty Mentor(s)_____________________________________________

This form must be completed in consultation with your faculty Mentor

 Please complete this form electronically and email, along with a scanned copy of your Bearings transcript, to Prof. Jennifer Taback at jtaback@bowdoin.edu by February 21, 2012.  Your faculty mentor should email a letter of recommendation directly to Prof. Taback.

I am a United States Citizen: Yes__________ No___________

I am considering applying to medical school:  Yes_________ No_________

Please answer the following questions; your completed form should be no more than two pages.  If you are planning to be off campus during part of the award period, please describe how you will continue your research project during that time.

  1. Describe the goal of your project.
  2. Why is this project interesting to you?
  3. What do you expect to contribute to this project?
  4. What do you expect to learn from this experience?

 Clare Boothe Luce/Maine Space Grant Research Scholars Application Form (PDF)