Featured Alumni

Alex Haskins '11Alex Haskins '11
Double major: Asian Studies and Government & Legal Studies
Current position: Graduate Student, Harvard University
I graduated as a double-major in Asian Studies (Japan) and Government & Legal Studies. Immediately following my graduation, I enrolled at Harvard Divinity School. I am pursuing a master's of theological studies, with a concentration in religion, ethics and politics. I focus predominately on the intersection of religion and politics as it relates to the United States but I do maintain a secondary interest in the intersection between the two in Japan. I focus on issues of political legitimacy, public discourse, and how religious actors contribute to the formation of public values and public policies within liberal democracies. Following this two year terminal master's program, I hope to enroll in a doctoral program in political science.

Jeongmin (Jenny) Lee '10Jeongmin (Jenny) Lee '10
Double major: Asian Studies and Economics
Current position: Project Manager, Morningstar
"After majoring in Economics and Asian Studies with a focus on Japan, I've moved to Chicago to work as a product consultant at Morningstar, working with financial advisors and helping them achieve business goals through using our financial research and client management software. I've recently transitioned to a project manager role to maintain and enhance the software by working more closely with internal teams. I haven't had a chance to use Japanese at work, but I've continued playing taiko (which I started in junior year) by joining a local group, and have enjoyed meeting new people, learning new songs, and reaching different audiences at multiple venues. I've also recently re-started taking Japanese classes, and plan to visit Japan in the next few years."

Zoe Eddy '10
Double major: Asian Studies and Anthropology
Current position: Graduate Student, Harvard University
I graduated as a double-major in Asian studies (Japan) and anthropology. I took a year off after school-- during this time, I tutored highs chool students in Japanese, and also translated written materials for community groups (from Japanese-to-English). I am now pursuing a joint-doctorate in social anthropology and archaeology at Harvard University. Japan is my geographic area of interest, and Japanese studies continues to be my passion. Currently, I am particularly interested in the reconstruction of Edo-period human-animal relationships, and the interplay between these relations, religion, food studies, and material culture. Japanese studies has provided me with a foundation upon which I have built my varied academic interests. I hope to return to Japan to continue my language education, to conduct fieldwork, and, of course, to revisit my deer acquaintances in Nara.

Zachary Rudick '10
Major: Asian Studies
Current Position: Strategy Consultant, Beacon Group
"I decided to stay in the beautiful state of Maine after graduating and have been working as a strategy consultant at The Beacon Group in Portland.  I help with research and analysis for growth strategy engagements with many large companies across the healthcare, aerospace and defense, energy, and technology sectors.  While most of our clients are American, quite a few of them have international business pursuits in the Asia Pacific region.  I've worked on several market assessments for Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.  On several occasions, I will come in during the night and speak to Japanese people on the phone to discuss our research with them and hear their feedback.  I've spoken with a wide range of Japanese people - from hematologists to missile defense experts.  Some of my Japanese friends from my Junior year abroad at KCJS have been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction and helping me find great points of contact for my research.  It's been a great opportunity for me to stay fresh with Japanese and to expand the range of topics with which I'm comfortable discussing.  In the future, I'd like to pursue an international MBA and continue working to facilitate friendly cultural and business exchanges between the United States and Japan."