Published September 21, 2018 by Sabrina Lin, The Bowdoin Orient

‘Call Me by Your Name:’ Deconstructing the Universal Utopia

In his lecture, "The Universal Tale and the Haunting Specters of Call Me by Your Name," Associate Professor of Italian and Cinema Studies at University of Oregon Sergio Rigoletto discusses the portrayal of the film's gay love story.

Official Trailer:
Call Me By Your Name

“It’s really a pleasure to expand out of the classroom and into the community with some of the films we’re watching in this course, and especially [Call Me by Your Name]—which obviously is a great interest to students at Bowdoin,” said Cooper, addressing a room packed with students, alums, professors and community members in Hubbard Hall.

For the audience, Rigoletto’s poignant dissection provided a new mode of interpretation, opening up a sea of possibilities, one shared by all great works of art.

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