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Off-campus Access to the Bowdoin Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology allows you to connect to the Bowdoin network when you are connected to the internet when off-campus.

Connecting to the Bowdoin network from off campus is useful when you need to access certain resources that are only available to those within the Bowdoin network.

Before using VPN technology to connect to the Bowdoin network, please read Bowdoin's VPN policy.

Once you have read the VPN policy, you will need to submit a VPN Request Form and have your senior officer authorize your VPN access.

Then, download and install the Cisco VPN Client software on your computer or follow the directions for setting the VPN up on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  The client should only be installed on Bowdoin computers and not on your personal computer.

Note: You can only use the client to initiate a VPN connection from off-campus. Attempts to establish a VPN connection to the Bowdoin network from within the network will not succeed.

After installing the client, follow our online instructions to configure and use the client in either WindowsMac OS X or iPhone, iPad,or iPod Touch .