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Technical Purchasing

Departmental purchases

Departments should purchase recommended technology items through Technical Purchasing. If you have a question about whether or not an item may be purchased with departmental funds, please contact your department director.
Purchases may be made through Sarah Morgan (smorgan@bowdoin.edu).

Computing Allocation Process (CAP)

CAP is a once a year program wherein IT accepts requests for and coordinates distribution of computing equipment. Requests are reviewed by a group of representatives from various departments/divisions around campus, and requests are funded based on prioritizaion of the CAP committees and the current budget. Use CAP to request computer equipment, software (including teaching and research software for the fall term), peripherals and upgrades.  Any staff or faculty member may make a request, as long as it is approved by the Department Chair or Director.  CAP requests are accepted during the month of February, and departments are notified of the committees' decisions in May. Funded equipment is distributed between July 1 and mid-August.  Purchasing and distribution is coordinated by the Technical Purchasing Manager, Sarah Morgan (smorgan@bowdoin.edu). Reallocated equipment is used when possible and when appropriate.

Employees: Personal Purchases

Individuals who want to purchase a computer and receive Bowdoin's academic discount may purchase directly from Dell and Apple. If you would like to use the interest-free loan employee loan program, you must place your order through Technical Purchasing. You may make a request to use the employee loan program by contacting Anne Cornely (acornely@bowdoin.edu). You may view the full details of the loan program. If you need assistance in the selection process, we are happy to meet with you and discuss current options.

Contact: Sarah Morgan (smorgan@bowdoin.edu).
Personal purchase meetings are by appointment only, and requests will be handled in the order in which they are received.