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Project Management for Technology Projects

Have you been asked to lead a project?

Any assignment that...

  • will take more than forty hours to accomplish
  • will result in something new (a move to a new office; the installation of new equipment)
  • involves other people
  • involves multiple tasks
  • is bounded by time, resources or results
  • has a number of ‘deliverables' (reports, changes in work flow, new software installed, etc.)

...is a project

If you are confronted with a project and have questions about how to manage it, we may be of help.

IT handles many projects. Some recent examples are:

  • Building new features into our Campus Calendar
  • The recent conversion to a Voice of IP telephone system
  • Equipment changes that resulted in issuing new ID cards to the entire campus

Several people in IT manage projects from time to time in addition to their regular assignments and depending on current commitments, may be available to consult with you as you manage your own project, including non-IT projects (with senior officer approval).

If you are interested in project management consultation, please call the Help Desk at x3030; they will direct you to the appropriate IT staff. 

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