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File Services

Bowdoin's file services network is called the "microwave." All faculty, staff, and students are provided secure network file space where they can store work files and share files with other staff in their departments. When you log into your office computer or log into a lab computer, you are connected to Bowdoin's network and you have access to several drives regardless of the computer you are using on campus.  You have access to a personal space as well as a common department space.

Each person has a personal space that no one else can access. This is a good place to store and organize your work in a secure place that is regularly backed-up.

Everyone on campus has access to a common space, fondly called Scratch. This is commonly used to share files with friends and colleagues in other departments.

Each department has a departmental space to share files. Anything that you upload to this drive is accessible to everyone in your department. It is a good place to share and store files that anyone in your department might need.

Additionally, faculty can request shared file space for their students in courses or space for files related to their research.