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Cable TV

All Bowdoin residence halls are automatically provided basic cable television service, free of charge.  Students do not need to sign up for service.

Basic service includes 83 channels of which four are hi-definition channels and four are digital channels.

Some public lounges as well as certain classrooms also receive the basic service.

Should you need a patch cable to connect your television to the cable outlet, simply stop by the IT Help Desk to pick one up at no charge.

View a printable list of the Complete Channel Line-up (PDF)

View a printable list of the Analog Channel Line-up (PDF)

Premium Channels Service and Pricing:
Premium channels (HBO, Cinamax, Showtime, and Starz) are available on a subscription basis.
Channel line-ups and pricing information:

Questions and/or Service Issues:

For general information about service or problems with your service: