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TAP (Transparent Acceptance of Projects) is a process whereby Bowdoin faculty and staff can submit proposals for projects that require a commitment of Information Technology resources and staff time.

The TAP process aims to:

  • provide a central and equitable place for project ideas that require information technology resources to be submitted, evaluated, and prioritized
  • provide access to IT resources to all members of the Bowdoin community 
  • encourage new technologies, new uses of technology and new directions for teaching and research
  • improve communication about IT projects to the Bowdoin community and within divisions of IT
  • improve IT's ability to plan for current and future projects

What kinds of projects require a TAP Proposal?

TAP projects typically require more than 40 hours of IT staff time and/or incur costs of more than $1,000. Similarly, they often require additional research and/or new tools to complete. The projects usually involve teams across departments and/or divisions.

How do I plug into the TAP Process?

Use the Online TAP Form to submit a proposal. After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation email showing the proposal you submitted to TAP. Regardless of your experience with technology or IT, you can submit a TAP proposal. Please contact a member of the TAP Team (below) if you need help.

What is the Timeframe for TAP proposals?

Though you may submit a TAP proposal anytime, the annual TAP cycle is as follows:

April 30:  Submissions Due for Priority Review (Online TAP Submission Form)

May 17:  Discovery Phase - IT Staff works with Submitters to determine technology and staffing needs

July 14:  Review of Proposals Begins

September 30:  All Submitters Notified of the Status of their Proposal

A brief description of the accepted projects will be made available on this website.

Who will Review the TAP proposals?

Academic projects will be reviewed by a group consisting of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, two faculty members, and IT managers.

Administrative projects will be reviewed by representatives from each of the divisions and IT managers.


Contact a member of the TAP Team, the group that will facilitate and work to improve the TAP process.

Jason Pelletier, 798-4205
Jennifer Snow
, 725-3707