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If you're a new Bowdoin faculty member, student or staff, you'll be provided with your own network storage space accessible from any Bowdoin computer, an email account, voicemail and many other resources IT and Bowdoin have to offer.  The links on the right give you both step-by-step instructions and information about information technology resources at Bowdoin.

New Students

Did you know?

There are 11 public computer labs and spaces spread throughout campus, some of which are available 24 hours a day.  All of them have the software installed that you need for your classes.  More Information on Computer Labs.

It's easy to print at Bowdoin.  There are printers in computer labs and other public spaces. More Information about Printing.

You can borrow equipment from IT for academic and extracurricular projects.  The Equipment Services group loans out laptops, digital and still cameras and lots of other useful equipment.  More Information about Equipment Loans.

You can save and back up all your work on a networked file server.  The "microwave" server can be accessed from anywhere on campus and is the safest space to save all your files.  More Information about File Services.

New Faculty

All new faculty members are assigned an IT Contact to directly support them before they arrive on campus and during their first few weeks at Bowdoin. You should receive an email a month or so before you begin working. 

Your IT Contact will get you started with email, your office computer, and systems like Blackboard. S/he can answer any questions you may have about Bowdoin's information systems, software, hardware and services.

You can access information about your courses and students in Polaris.

New Staff

New staff are provided a Bowdoin email account, personal network space, an office computer and telephone extension with voicemail (dependant upon job type) and access to network printers.  If you do not have an office there are public computing kiosks located in Moulton Union, Thorne, and Smith Union. High-speed wireless is also available throughout the enitre campus.

Your bowdoin email account is also used to log into many of Bowdoin's online services e.g. HR for You, Time Pro, and other administrative applications you may use within your department.

If you have any questions about computing at Bowdoin, staff at the IT Help Desk are available and can help get you started during your first few days! The Help Desk can be contacted by telephone at 725-3030 or email helpdesk@bowdoin.edu.