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Setting up VPN on Mac

Overview of Accessing the Bowdoin Network from off-campus

Note: Before you can use VPN, you must submit a VPN Request Form.

For OSX 10.7 and above:

  1. Click on the Apple in the upper left section of the menu bar and choose System Preferences -->Network.
  2. Click the "+" under the network connections box and choose the following:  Interface = VPN, VPN Type= Cisco Ipsec, Service Name= leave the default and click "Create".
  3. Click on the new VPN connection in the box and configure with the following: Server Address = vpn.bowdoin.edu,  Account Name = " your username"@bowdoin.edu,  Password = Leave this empty.
  4. Click the button "Authentication Settings".
  5. For the Shared Secret and the Group Name write down the info from bottom box at this protected link and return here to this page
  6. Be sure to check the box for "Show VPN Status in Menu Bar".
  7. Click "Apply" and close the system preferences window.
  8. In the Menu bar (near the clock) will be the VPN symbol, click it and click "Connect VPN".
  9. Put in your Bowdoin password when prompted. It will say "Connected" when it is complete.
  10. Be sure to "Disconnect VPN" when you are finished connecting to campus.
  11. Please Note: VPN will not connect from ON campus and also will NOT connect if you have not filled out the VPN Request Form and received your approval confirmation email.


Accessing your files:

To access your files once you've connected via VPN, see the instructions for accessing microwave shares.

NOTE: You do not need to be attached to VPN to access IceBox at any time.

Document author:
Jason Pelletier
Last modified:
Aug 19, 2014