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Using Webmail to Set Voicemail Options

You can control many of your voicemail options through Webmail.  You will need to login to your Bowdoin webmail account in order to do this.

Once you are logged into Webmail, click the Options menu in the top right corner of the Webmail window, and select See All Options...  At the next window, click the Phone link  in the left frame.  At the next window, click the Voice Mail icon at the top of the right frame.

Call Answering Rules
Reset PIN
Outlook Voice Access
Voice Mail Preview

Reset PIN:
Your PIN is the equivalent of a password and gives you access to your voicemail when you are away from your office desk phone.  If you have forgotten your PIN, this option will allow you to create a temporary PIN. The next time you use your voicemail, you'll be prompted to create a new PIN.

  • Click the Reset my voice mail PIN... link
  • An alert window will appear checking to make sure you really want to reset your PIN.  Click OK.
  • You will receive a message in your Bowdoin email box from "Microsoft Outlook" with the subject line "Your PIN has been reset."  It will contain your new temporary PIN.  You can use this to access your voicemail, at which time you will be prompted to create your new pin.

Outlook Voice Access
You can use your phone to access your voicemail messages and your email messages, your calendar appointments and your contacts.  This setting allows you to specify the order of access for your voicemail messages and which folder in your email box you want to access.

  • If you want to hear email messages from a folder other than your Inbox, click the Inbox link.
  • At the Select Folder window, scroll through your list of email folders until you find your preferred folder.
  • Click on the folder to select is. Click OK.

Voice Mail Preview
The new Voicemail system includes a speech-to-text translator.   When you receive a voicemail message, in addition to the audio file of the message, your email message will include the text of the message.  This setting allows you to choose whether your email messages will include the preview text in the messages you receive and in the messages you send.

You can create and use a second phone greeting (message) for special situations, (e.g., while you're away for vacations or conferences).  The Greetings options area allows you to select which greeting you want to use and connects you to your phone so that you can create the new greeting or edit existing greetings.

To hear your current greeting, click the Call me to play or record the selected greeting... link.  A Play on Phone window will appear with your phone extension listed.  Click the Dial button.

When you click the Dial button, your phone will ring.  Press the Answer softkey on your phone.  You will hear your current personal greeting followed by the option to accept, rerecord it or use the default message (one that simply states your name.)

If you want callers to hear your "away message", click the button next to Greeting that lets callers know I'll be away etc.  Click the Call me to play or record the selected greeting... link.   If you have not created that message, you will be asked to record it.

If you want an email notification when someone calls you but does not leave a message, this option should be checked.

You can also set up your voicemail so that you are also sent text messages when you miss a call and/or receive a voice message. 

To add text messaging notifications, click the Set up notifications... link.

  • A Text Messaging window will appear.  Pull down the Locale: menu and select "United States".
  • Pull down the Mobile operator: menu and select your phone provider, (e.g., AT&T).
  • Click the ->Next button.
  • Enter your 10 digit phone number.  Click ->Next.
  • A text message will be sent to your mobile phone.  It will include a 6 digit passcode.  Enter that number into the Passcode: field.
  • Click the Finish button.

When you return to the Notifications section in the Webmail options window, choose one of the 3 options for when text messages will be sent.

When you have chosen your preferred options for Voicemail, click the Save button at the bottom right of the window.

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Last modified:
Jan 27, 2011