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Download PolarPrint Drivers


PolarPrint is Bowdoin's public printing system and is powered by Pharos Systems. The use of PolarPrint requires the installation of Pharos software packages in order to print directly from a personal computer.

Pharos Uniprint Printer Packages

OSX Installation Instructions

The use of PolarPrint printers from OS X now requires the installation of only one package. For more detailed instructions on the installation of the following packages, click here.

Installation Instructions

Download the PolarPrint software package found below.

Run through the installer, choosing which printers you'd like to install.

If you decide later on you'd like to install another printer, just run the installer again and choose the printer you would like to add.

PolarPrint OS X Printer Package

Note: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and above includes a security measures that will currently prevent one from installing all Pharos packages by default. Click here for information on getting around this issue

Please note: Pharos does NOT support Fast User Switching. Fast User Switching must be disabled on the Accounts pane in System Preferences before any Pharos software is installed.

Windows Installation Instructions

Download one or more of the installers below by clicking on the respecitve link. Run the downloaded package to install the printer(s) to your computer. For more detailed Windows installation instructions click here.

NEW: PoalrPrint now supports Windows 8! The Windows installers support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8! Download the latest packages from below.

Printer Drivers

Download Driver
Printer Location Windows
Economics Library Download Driver
Gibson Music Library* Download Driver
Hatch Library* Download Driver
Hatch Library Color Download Driver
H & L Main Floor Download Driver
H & L Basement* Download Driver
H & L Basement Color* Download Driver
Language Media Center* Download Driver
VAC Art Library* Download Driver
Public Computing Labs  
Coles Tower West Download Driver
Coles Tower West Color Download Driver
Hatch Science 102 Download Driver
Kanbar 101 Download Driver
College Houses  
30 College Street Download Driver
Reed House Download Driver
Stowe Inn Download Driver
West Hall Download Driver
Other Public Spaces  
Adams Hall 3rd Floor Common Area Download Driver
Adams Hall Environmental Studies Download Driver
Druckenmiller Atrium Download Driver
Druckenmiller Atrium Color Download Driver
Moulton Union* Download Driver
Smith Union* Download Driver
VAC 3rd Floor Download Driver

*These printers are also photocopiers.  
Green text indicates a color printer.

*For Pharos Printer Troubleshooting please click here

If you are looking for OS X 10.4 or 10.5 printer drivers, please contact ITSS at extension x5050.

Note: You will need to be on the Bowdoin College network (either wired or wireless) in order to download and update your printers.

Document author:
Jason Pelletier
Last modified:
Sep 02, 2014